Solution Source for MI Grassroots Alliance

How can you help?


1) Promote the MI Grassroots Alliance

Share information about the MI Grassroots Alliance with friends and family via email, social media, phone calls, or events. Point them to the MI Grassroots Alliance Facebook page or  Encourage people to click “Sign Up” so that they can be added to the list of MI Grassroots Alliance supporters. 

2) Volunteer to Form an Independent PAC

Each PAC will need a board of at least 3 members to be successful. If you are passionate about a particular policy issue, volunteer to be a board member for a PAC supporting candidates who distinguish themselves regarding that plank. Complete a Volunteer Card and state your PAC preference. 

3) Donate your contact lists to the Rocket Fuel Fund

The Rocket Fuel Fund will pool a list of contacts that will be made available to PAC’s to rent from the Rocket Fuel Fund. The larger the contact list, the more successful we will be. Complete a Volunteer Card and state your willingness to share your contacts or simply send an email to with your contacts attached. 

4) Donate money to the Rocket Fuel Fund

Money donated to the Rocket Fuel Fund will be used to promote the MI Grassroots Alliance and develop common tools and services that will be offered to Independent PACs at affordable rates. Complete a Rocket Fuel Fund donation card or donate online at

5) Volunteer to support MI Grassroots Alliance

The MI Grassroots Alliance will conduct periodic networking events to connect elected officials, community leaders and candidates for public office with vendors and PACs. We need volunteers to help organize and run these events. Complete a Volunteer Card and state your willingness to support events. 

6) Donate to individual MI Grassroots Alliance PACs

The end game of all of these efforts is to ensure that the PAC’s organized by MI Grassroots Alliance members receive the resources they need to operate successful PAC’s. This is where our numbers in the grassroots can have their greatest impact. Remember, 10,000 people contributing $10/month to an individual PAC can yield $2.4 Million per election cycle. Let’s convert our numbers into substantial campaign war chests for solid grassroots candidates and policies!